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Shelling Excursions

We take you to islands and sand bars that produce some of the best shelling in the world. Your captain takes you to the locations so you can search for these natural treasures. Enjoy as you hunt for the perfect sand dollar or beautiful shell.

If you love finding amazing sea shells, this is the right place, if you know where to go. We have great beaches here, but locating the best spots for shelling can be tricky. Most of our tourist friends will never see the spectacular secluded islands and sand bars that are only accessible by boat.  But as part of your private boat day, we will take your group to some of the best shelling spots the world has to offer.

People come from all over to walk along the island shores and sandbars to find shells and sand dollars. Kids and adults love the excitement of the hunt so we provide shell bags for our guests and will point you in the right direction.  Get out there and find the treasures of the sea!