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25 Really Fascinating Facts About Dolphins

dolphins in the water

1. Dolphins have sex for fun. 2. They are really smart. They are mammals and can recognize themselves in the mirror. 3. They are extremely social creatures and they live and travel in groups called pods. 4. They have the longest memory in the animal kingdom. 5. They recognize the whistles of their mates. 6….

Clients come from all over!

a dog lying on top of a wave in the ocean

It’s always interesting to meet my clients because they come from all over the country and world. Many are from the mid-western part of the United States. Most recently they’ve been from Kansas, Idaho, Michigan, Missouri, New York, and Wisconsin. They left the cold and came down here to Clearwater/Tampa to enjoy the warmth. Other…

Clearwater, FL is an amazing place for boat and dolphin tours!

Bottle Nose Dolphin Jumping out of Wake

Every day that I take guests on our private boat tours, I am truly amazed by the natural world we are so lucky to live in.  Off the central west coast of Florida are many barrier islands that are home to beautiful white sandy beaches with amazing shells and wildlife.  It is common that my…