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Family Boating

Remember boating when you were a kid?  We do!  Boating is one of the great experiences that families can do together and the memories last a lifetime.  Whether you are coming back to boating, or feeling it for the first time, we want to make this a day to remember.  In fact, our mission is to make sure that your boating experience will be the best thing you did on your entire trip to Florida!

We will take your family out to see dolphins up close in the wild, go to secluded islands and sandbars to hunt for shells, and deliver you to beautiful places to swim and snorkel.  And if that isn’t enough, you and your family can enjoy the slide on our double decker pontoon boat, or do cannon balls off the front of our Hurricane Deck Boat.  Either way, we want you to really enjoy your private family time on a boat!