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Clearwater Beach Tours

a group of seashells on the sand on a beach

I’m often asked, “What are we going to see on our boat trip?”  I usually start by talking about the wildlife we will see, dolphin, sea turtles, manatees, etc.  But what most people don’t realize is that this part of Florida boasts many “barrier” islands that 99% of the tourists will never see.  You might have heard of Caladesi Island or even Honeymood Island.  Both of these islands are just off the coast of Dunedin.  But further north are Three Rooker Sand Bar as well as Anclote Key.  Both of these are local favorites because they are so secluded.  You have to have a boat to get to either of these islands.

Depending on the season and the day, you may see absolutely no one out on these islands, or you may see hundreds of boats. One of my favorite stops is Anclote Key, which is in the Gulf about 3 miles west of Tarpon Springs.  My favorite time to go out there is on the weekday, usually a Monday or Tuesday, after the locals are back at work. My wife and I will typically run out there at around 3pm after any other boats have headed for port.  We then have our own 4 mile long white sandy beach to ourselves.  We usually stay until sunset and then head home.  Every time I go out there I’m amazed by the beauty.

This is why I love taking guests out there too.  Anyone can rent a boat, but having a captain and a guide allows you to get to places like this.  Places that you might never know existed.

For more information on our dolphin, sunset and boat tours, please go to, our Facebook page or call Captain Randy direct at (813) 846-9190.

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